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    ACCESS Destination is representation company which has offices in
    Russia (Moscow and Vladivostok), UK (London) and Czech Republic (Prague).
    The Head Office is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

    ACCESS Destination employs tailor made sales & marketing services, as well as public relation activities, always aware, that every client and product is different and requires individual service packages. This approach enables ACCESS Destination to achieve increased brand awareness within the market and eventually the best possible results, ROI and customer satisfaction.

    Our services are specially designed to the clients needs, transforming fixed costs into revenue-related variable costs and offering significant opportunities for additional revenue at marginal cost.

    Differentiating Factors of ACCESS Destination are:

    Specialization/concentration only in the travel industry/destination promotion

    All bilingual/bicultural professionals, with multi-year experience working with global accounts

    Excellent knowledge of the local/regional markets, as well as best contacts to all important market contributors, as tour operators, travel agents, airlines and authorities.

    Designated phone, fax number and email for each Client

    Dedicated personnel acting as representatives for each Client

    High degree of management, marketing and know-how.

    Active marketing and commercialization to improve the market performance

    Our clients

    ACCESSUK values each and every one of their client, creating a personalized approach to developing sales, marketing and pr strategies to each and every one of them. With extensive PR, marketing and sales activities, ACCESSUK enables high results for sales and brand recogniton.